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☆ Flat Rate Shipping - $9.90 ☆


Welcome to Hammers & Wands!

Proudly bought to you by two mums on a Caffeine high!

Friends since the age of 12, we had big dreams of opening our own business together. Carla, the always trending fashionista; always accessorised and dressed to perfection. Janine, a tomboy at heart always embracing her inner geek. We have always shared a love of original and quirky items that made us squeal with excitement. We hoped one day we would have a store that would  showcase all the things that we love and appreciate.

The years roll on, we learn to adult, get a job, build a career, buy a house or a car, get a dog, marry off to some handsome suitors and eventually become mums.

Over the past twenty years we have discussed over endless coffees and cocktails our pipedreams, and only now when we have our hands completely full we feel that it is our time to shine and share our passion with the rest of the world! Why didn’t we do this sooner? We ask ourselves this a lot, and truthfully there is no real good answer other than that we are scared to the risk. But years of maturity and toddlers have taught us that not everything is in our control and it’s time to take the plunge!

We also have our beautiful children to thank for this new adventure. Ethan & Cassandra have inspired and motivated our dream moving forward. The products we offer are a reflection of what we love as mums and big kids. Special moments are made every day with our children without even realising , and as they grow & change so do we. Our inner child beams around children, and it’s our hope that we can bring out your inner child too through Hammers & Wands.

Our products are chosen for their traditional and homely values. Quality is important as well as supporting Australian businesses. We aim to have customer service second to none, providing quality products and a truly enjoyable retail experience. Based in Sydney, our pop up shops are only the start of what’s to come. Browse online or come and meet us. Have a coffee with us because we would love to get to know you!

We are doing this for us, our children and fellow parents and big kids that want to live out their inner child and join the quirky side.

Our awesome Hammers & Wands Team


Meet Team Hammers

Team Hammers - Boss Lady & Sidekick


Team Hammers is mash up of a mother and son duo, Janine & Ethan.
Both rough around the edges, both strong & independent, but cheeky and fun!


Meet Team Wands

Team Wands - Boss Mum

Team Wands is perfectly formed by mother and daughter, Carla and Cassandra.

Classy with a capital C, these two pretty ladies are strong, sassy and full of sparkle!